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How to become an official Lemon Club

Two Lemon Club Students Holding Alex's Lemonade Sign1. Establish a network of potential members and support. Getting your friends involved or other club members will help alleviate some of the extra work associated with establishing a school club. Having a strong network of support will ensure that the club withstands leadership transitions.

2. Speak with your school administration about the steps to becoming a chartered school organization and their application policy and procedures. Every school’s club guidelines are different.

3. Choose an on-campus advisor. All Lemon Club chapters must have an on-campus advisor who is a member of faculty, staff or administration. Please take the time to select a person who cares about the mission of ALSF and has time to dedicate to your club’s success.

4. Once you have read through this information, please apply online here

5. Schedule a meeting with ALSF. Once your application has been received, the High Schools and Universities Specialist will follow up with you to set a meeting. You will be able to meet via phone, Skype or in person to discuss starting your Lemon Club.

6. Receive your Lemon Club Kit and Certificate of Charter! Once steps 1-5 have been completed, you will receive your Lemon Club Kit and official Certificate of Charter in the mail. The Certificate of Charter signifies your official status as an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Lemon Club. The Lemon Club Kit will include a manual for your club and your advisor, as well as other fun materials essential to the success of your club and its events! You’ll also receive a webpage on our site and log-in information.

Contact [email protected] or (866) 333-1213 for more information about Lemon Clubs and other ways schools can get involved.