The Lemon Run

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Q: What time does the actual race begin on Sunday, November 11, 2018?

A: The 100 meter Kids’ Dash begins at 8:00 AM. At 8:15 AM we will have a short program, and the 5K will begin at 8:30 AM.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Parking is available on certain streets surrounding the race. We ask that participants park on South Concourse Drive, preferably on the opposite side of Belmont Avenue from where the race will be taking place. Anyone parked in a bus zone or in the start/finish area on the Avenue of the Republic will be asked to move their cars. Please reference this map for a better understanding of the area.

Q: Are strollers allowed in the race?

A: Strollers are allowed, however we ask that anyone pushing a stroller stays toward the back of the crowd for safety purposes.

Q: Do I have to register my child if they will be in a stroller?

A: No, children in strollers do not have to be registered for the race.

Q: Are dogs allowed to run in the race?

A: Dogs are allowed, however they must be kept on a leash and stay toward the back of the crowd for safety purposes. We also ask that owners please pick up after their dogs.

Q: Is the event rain or shine?

A: Yes, The Lemon Run is rain or shine!

Q: Will there be food and drink at the event?

A: Water and additional snacks will be available at the start/finish area.  There will also be one rest stop along the course offering water as well.  All food and drinks are complimentary.

Q: Do I need to bring money with me to the race?

A:  You would only need to bring money if you wish to register the day of, make a donation, purchase merchandise or purchase a raffle ticket.

Q: How would you describe the course, is it flat or hilly?

A: The course is flat for the most part, although there are a few small hills.

Q: What time does the event end?

A: The event will most likely end between 10-10:30 AM.  We are required to be off the premises by 11:00 AM when the Please Touch Museum opens.


Q: When does pre-registration for The Lemon Run close?

A: Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at NOON EST.

Q: Can I register for the race on the day of the event?

A: Yes, registration will be open from 7:00-8:15 AM on the day of the race. However, day of registration fees increase the day of the event to $45 for runners and $35 for walkers.

Q: Do you have a group registration rate?

A: If you are a school group and would like to register for the event, please contact us at [email protected] or (610) 649-3034 for more information.

Q: I know there is a Kids’ Race, but are kids also allowed to walk or run in the 5K?

A: If a child (12 and under) would like to run or walk in the 5K, they can pay the special Kids’ 5K fee to participate. We also have a Kids’ Dash, which is a 100 meter race for kids 8 and under, held at 8:00 AM prior to the 5K.

Q: Your website indicates that walkers are not timed, but what if I would still like to be timed as a walker?

A: If you are walking but would still like to be timed, you must pay the runner registration fee. This ensures you get a race bib with a timing chip embedded in it.

Q: If I plan to run but do not wish to be timed, do I still need to pay the runner registration fee?

A: If you do not wish to be timed, you may pay the walker registration fee.

Q: What is a virtual participant?

A: A virtual participant is someone who is not able to attend The Lemon Run but still wishes to run/walk on their own. Virtual participants still receive an official Lemon Run shirt, which will be sent through the mail.

Q: Does everyone who registers receive a Lemon Run t-shirt?

A: T-shirts are only guaranteed to participants who registered by Friday, October 5, 2018.  Anyone who registers after that date is not guaranteed a t-shirt or their requested size.

Q: I am not sure of my t-shirt size, am I able to exchange for a different size when I pick up my t-shirt?

A: Unfortunately, due to the limited number of t-shirts ordered, we cannot allow participants to exchange for size. If you are dissatisfied with your t-shirt, please check back at the end of the race to see if we have any shirts left over. If we do, you will be able to exchange your shirt for another available size.


Q: How do I start my own team for The Lemon Run?

A: To start your own team, click on the “Register Now” button on the Lemon Run webpage and begin registration. After you complete your basic registration information, you will have the option to join an existing team/fundraising page or create a new one.

Q: How do I join an existing team?

A: When you get to the step where you have the option to join an existing team/fundraising page or create a new one, you will need to type in an existing team name in the search under where it says “Join an Existing Team.”

Q: How do I invite people to join my team?

A: You can invite people to join your team by using any of the “share my page options” on your fundraising page which will send people the link to your fundraising page either via email or social media.

Q: How can I get people to donate to my fundraising page?

A: People can donate by going to your fundraising page and clicking the “Donate now” button on your page. People can also donate by sending a check through the mail and specifying your event ID (the number located at the top of your fundraising page).

Q: My friend/family member sent a check and I do not see this donation listed on my fundraising page, why is this?

A: Checks sent through the mail can take up to 2 weeks to appear on your fundraising page.

Q: When does the fundraising contest end?

A: The fundraising contest ends on Friday, November 30th, 2018.

Q: Can I bring donations for my team on the day of the event?

A: Yes, we will have a donations table at the event where you can bring any donations collected for your team and hand them over to ALSF.  Please be sure to specify your event ID on all donations so we are able to properly credit these to your fundraising page.

Q: Do all teams receive a tent on race day?

A: No. Only teams with 30+ members or teams of who have raised $1,500 or more by Friday, October 19, 2018 will receive a tent on race day.

Q: If I am part of a team, where do I pick up my bib and shirt on race day?

A: If your team has a tent, your shirts and bibs will be at your tent when you arrive. If your team does not have a tent, you can pick up your shirt at the check in/registration table.

Q: Am I able to pick up shirts and bibs for my entire team at the pre-race packet pick-up?

A: Yes, you are able to do so but please make sure to notify us at [email protected] and let us know which packet pick-up location you plan to come to. This way we can be sure to put all of your teams’ shirts and bibs together and have them ready at said location. Also, make sure to notify your team of this to prevent any confusion at packet pick-up.

Q: If we do not receive a tent from ALSF, are we able to bring our own to set up?

A: Unfortunately, due to the limited space in the area, we cannot allow any additional tents other than those provided by ALSF.

Q: If we have a tent, are we allowed to sell lemonade or baked goods at our tent to raise more funds for our team?

A: Fairmount Park rules do not allow the selling of food or drink on the premises. However, you are able to ask for donations for food or drink. Park rules state that all food or drink items given out must be pre-wrapped for food safety purposes.

Q: Can our team stay and have a post-race celebration once the event is over?

A: You are welcome to stay for a little while, but all participants, equipment and trash must be off the premises by 11:00 AM when the Please Touch Museum opens.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or (610) 649-3034.