Lemonade Days All Star

Lightfoot Lemons

The law firm of Lightfoot, Franklin and White
Birmingham, AL

The Lightfoot Lemons, led by attorney Terry McCarthy, set out with a goal of raising $2,000 at their first community Lemonade Days stand. They blew that goal away and brought in over $12,000!

Terry, who learned about ALSF through the story of racehorse Afleet Alex, worked with a team of colleagues to hold their lemonade stand during lunch hour in downtown Birmingham, taking advantage of a prime location with lots of potentially thirsty people! The Lightfoot Lemons also fundraised in advance of the event—encouraging donations on their fundraising page. They advertised the stand over the firm’s social media channels and via email.

The stand was covered by the local news—gathering even more attention for the need for childhood cancer research.

“The best part of the day is spreading the word about a great cause,” said Terry.

Terry’s Tip to Stand Hosts: To maximize donations to your online fundraising page, treat your stand as a campaign to fundraise over time, as opposed to a one day event! Remind your network that they can donate online anytime, from anywhere!