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Co-Funded Projects

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is proud to fund a portion of its projects with the co-funders listed below.

Project Title Institution Co-Funder(s)
Exploring Synthetic Lethality of One-Carbon Metabolism Genes and mTORC1 Inhibition in MYCN Amplified Medulloblastoma University of California Berkeley The Swifty Foundation
De-escalation of Radiotherapy for Medulloblastoma by a Novel DNA Damage Checkpoint Inhibitor Feinstein Institute for Medical Research - North Shore The Swifty Foundation
Pre-clinical Testing of Novel Glutamine Metabolic Inhibitors in MYC-driven Medulloblastoma The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The Swifty Foundation
Targeting Eya2 to Inhibit c-Myc driven Medulloblastoma Tumor Progression University of Colorado Denver The Swifty Foundation