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131-I-MIBG and Targeted Therapy for Neuroblastoma: Infrastructure Proposal.

University of California San Francisco
Katherine Matthay, MD
Grant Type: 
Phase I/II Infrastructure Grants
Year Awarded: 
Type of Childhood Cancer: 
Project Description: 

Project Goal
The goal of this project is for the Pediatric Oncology Neuroblastoma Research Program at UCSF Children’s Hospital to expand its research capabilities, continue to develop collaborative research projects, recruit additional staff members, and advance its clinical research capacity. These efforts are all undertaken to improve both the current and future treatment of patients with neuroblastoma, with a goal of ultimately removing the threat of this disease.

Our work at UCSF falls into several categories:

  1. Continued progress in targeted radiotherapy to neuroblastoma with 131I-MIBG
  2. Leadership in the NANT consortium for testing of novel drugs to treat advanced neuroblastoma
  3. Collaboration with laboratory scientists at UCSF in molecular mechanisms of neuroblastoma and new therapy development
  4. National collaborations and leadership in therapy and molecular mechanisms of neuroblastoma through the Children’s Oncology Group.

Next Steps
In the coming year, we have initiated a new study using 124I-MIBG PET scans to assess pre-therapy dosimetry and increase sensitivity of MIBG scans. We are also poised to open our new NANT randomized Phase II study of 131I-MIBG compared to MIBG combined with radiosensitizers. We will continue our pre-clinical studies of MIBG in combination with other biologic agents.


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Dr. Matthay received a 2010 Program Infrastructure renewal.