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Matilda Garcia

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Matilda is a sweet 5-year-old who loves dolls, especially Barbie, and anything pink or purple. Matilda grew up with a deformed thumb and was taken to surgery to get it fixed. While there, doctors performed an ultrasound on her kidneys and discovered a mass. The next month was filled with more doctor visits, until they finally confirmed Matilda had stage 2 Wilms tumor. She received chemotherapy treatments every week for 13 weeks, then returned every third week for three more treatments. Matilda is now in remission.

She is her dad, Richard’s, hero because throughout her experience, Matilda never asked, “why me?” and always kept a positive attitude. “She knew she had cancer and knew she had to be strong throughout this,” said Richard. “Even when we weren’t strong, she was. She would tell us many times that everything would be okay.” He hopes she always remembers the strength and bravery she had during this time. He never wants to see her lose her positivity.

Richard wants others who may have recently received a cancer diagnosis to know that it’s a rollercoaster. It’s so hard, but don’t keep your thoughts and fears in. It is helpful and important to reach out and talk to someone.

Matilda’s family believes Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is helping us get to a cure. In 2020, ALSF also provided her family with a grocery card through the COVID-19 emergency fund, which has helped so much during the pandemic.

Hero quote: “I am a badass!” – Matilda (after her parents told her she could say it to keep her spirits up)

Information provided by Richard Garcia, Matilda’s dad
Updated December 2020

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Childhood Cancer Heroes

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