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Morgan Pieczara

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Morgan loves softball, dance and gymnastics. She enjoys piano, singing and loves Bye Bye Birdie, A League of Their Own and Grease. She also loves to cook and is an avid reader! Someday, she wants to be in a play and star as Kim Macafee from Bye Bye Birdie. She is a happy, strong child who found a fondness for helping others through her fight. She has done toy, stuffed animal, Play-doh and can tab drives for Ronald McDonald House and has held three lemonade stands.

Morgan was diagnosed with mono on her fifth birthday. After two months of unexplained illness and fevers, the doctors planned to do more blood work. However, Morgan fell getting kicked in the kidney and her family rushed her to the ER before they were ambulanced to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for Wilms’ tumor. Morgan continued to dance during treatment though and her family remained very supportive! Dancing helped with Morgan’s neuropathy and now she is doing gymnastics and playing baseball to strengthen her muscles.

Morgan’s treatment consisted of chemotherapy with dactinomicin and vincristine drugs. It also included occupational and physical therapy. Her family hopes and dreams for clear scans in Morgan’s future.

She is her parent’s hero because she never cried about what she was fighting. She pushed through and found comfort in helping others from her first moment in the hospital. Supporting others helped her find a reason to fight and they feel fortunate God blessed her with a kind heart and strong will.

They want other families to remember that friends who have been through this are angels in disguise. They will be more help than you even know.

For them, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation represents first and foremost, a cure! They want to continue helping raise money for other children! They already started that process having hosted a few lemonade stands in their community.

SuperSib Quote: “Mom, Morgan is amazing.” –Michael, Morgan’s sister, age 13

Information provided by Lilli Pieczara

Updated February 2018

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