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Ryver Lane

  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

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Like many teenage boys, Ryver loved playing video games and watching videos on Tik Tok, but what set Ryver apart from the crowd was his steadfast positivity. Despite many struggles, Ryver always kept himself in a good mood, wearing a smile on his face and showing love to his family. That spirited nature is what guided Ryver through his battle with cancer.

Ryver was having issues with his sinuses. At first, the doctor diagnosed his condition as sinusitis, but when Ryver’s symptoms persisted, his mom, Tina, knew the doctor needed to take another look. Upon his second visit, Ryver was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

Ryver began treatment with chemotherapy at Blank Children’s Hospital in Iowa. He then moved onto radiation therapy, followed by a bone marrow transplant. Despite fighting valiantly through his treatments, Ryver sadly passed away at the age of 15. His mother’s only wish is that one day she will meet him again in heaven.

Tina wants other families facing a cancer diagnosis to know that things may not go the way you planned, but always put up a good fight through it all. Since Ryver’s battle against cancer, Tina has joined Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to spread awareness. She is grateful that ALSF is there to help others fight childhood cancer.

Ryver’s memory still remains, inspiring all who knew him. His family remembers him for the courage he showed with each step along such a difficult path. Even though he was hurting, Ryver was always happy.

Ryver may have lost his fight against cancer in the end, but the joyfulness he chose to embrace in the face of adversity allowed him to win a different kind of battle every day. That is a victorious life.

Below, Tina also shared a poem that reminds her of Ryver:

Ryver's Poem

Information provided by Tina Lane, Ryver’s mom
Updated June 2020

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