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Sophia Stepien

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Sophia is funny, smart and loves to read, swim and golf. She enjoys helping her parents in the kitchen and the garden too!

Sophia had a well child checkup at age 4. One month later, after a few days of bloating and tummy troubles, she had an x-ray and they were admitted to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS. Not long after, she had surgery for Wilms’ tumor, a cancer of the kidney, before starting chemotherapy and radiation shortly after.

After her treatment, she's currently 3 years cancer-free and her family is so thankful! They hope that Sophia lives a full and healthy life! She's a friendly girl and has so much potential to perform good deeds in the world. She prays for a cure to cancer and for a better chemo that will only hurt cancer cells, not hair or stomach cells. She loves meeting other kids who have fought cancer too and encourages every inch of hair that grows back!

Sophia is tough as nails. She's a strong little girl and when she was diagnosed, she was so positive, matter-of-fact and laughed whenever she could. She has endured pain her parents can't imagine and has not let it dampen her spirit. Sophia is her parent’s hero for her faith and endurance!

Her family has a series of helpful points they want others to know if they face a childhood cancer diagnosis:

  • You are not alone!
  • You can do this!
  • Get a good team and work the plan.
  • Let people help your family.
  • Ask for prayers!

Every day they also hope for a cure! Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s website has been a helpful guide for them. It also gave Sophia an outlet to raise money at their local Firebirds lemonade stand and gave her a sense of pride fighting cancer for other kids.

Hero Quote: “I'm one tough cookie!” – Sophia

Information provided by Tiffany Stepien, Sophia’s mom

Updated December 2017

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