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Brian Montgomery

  • Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)

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Brian was always a very healthy and active little boy. He put fun into everything he did and had fun with everyone he knew. He was part of a loving family and he had two beautiful sisters as his best playmates. It seemed as though everything was perfect, then cancer entered our world just before his 8th birthday. A brain tumor was the last thing that we would have imagined. Brian took the challenge like a trooper and began his 8th birthday with the fight for his life. Brain had a Glioblastoma Multiform Level IV tumor. The prognosis was not good, but we knew that if anyone could beat this cancer, Brian could.

Through most of his treatments Brian had a smile on his face and continued his Karate/Tae Kwon Do lessons and kept us all entertained with his jokes. The chemo was 45 straight days and radiation was 33 days at the same time. It was hard on him, but he spent as much time during all of this playing with his friends under tents set up in our backyard and collecting bracelets. After the initial treatment he would be placed on a protocol that would only call for chemo five days a month. This was easy for him as he would say, so as any young boy should, he would go to school, play with his friends and go on to earn two new belts in Karate/Tae Kwon Do by breaking boards with his feet while mommy worried about his blood counts.

In November Brian got his wish of a trip to Disney World with his sisters and family, we even celebrated a wonderful Christmas together. Our world would come crashing down in late February and we received the news that the tumor was progressing.  Brian kept us together, laughing and enjoying all that we could. He loved spending time playing video games with his sisters and daddy. Brian became our little angel on April 3, 2006. In his memory, Alex's Lemonade stands were started in Kent, Ohio by the Huscroft family (their daughter was in Brian's class). Brian's memory is kept alive through the Spirit Award given away every fall to an outstanding student of Kids in Karate in Kent, Ohio also. His classmates also raise money every year for brain tumor research.

Brian will forever be remembered for his smile, big ears, love of the color pink and gift of joke telling. He remains in the hearts of many and will be forever missed by all.

January 2023 Update: In 2022, Brian's mother, Sandy joined Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to continue Brian's fight and help to raise even more money to fight and cure pediatric cancer!

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