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Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters Teams Up with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to Help Fight Childhood Cancer

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 In an effort to provide continued support to the families of children affected by childhood cancer, Dr. Jason Bresler of Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters, has completed an exclusive series of oral hygiene and dental health educational videos for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation that will be placed on the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and Cavity Busters websites. The videos are aimed at educating patients, parents and caregivers, helping them navigate through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Bresler explains the comprehensive challenges of three important stages, with recommendations for at-home management during cancer treatment, and continuing care to prevent additional oral health issues.

Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters’ videos are a “How-to” guide for addressing and managing the health and maintenance of your child’s mouth, teeth and gums during their fight against cancer. The series focuses on Pre-treatment, treatment and Post-treatment, providing information, recommendations and guidance on the day-to-day, expected challenges of infection prevention, diet, and daily care of treatment side effects like, but not limited to, dental pain, sore/bleeding gums, and changes in taste.

Doctors Jason, Josh, Rachel, Tracey, and Jill Bresler of Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters, said, "After meeting with Liz Scott from Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, we were incredibly impressed with all of the amazing achievements they are accomplishing.  Many foundations focus strictly on research, but Alex's goes beyond just research! They provide many resources for children of all ages who are battling cancer, and to parents, siblings, and caregivers, as well.  We knew immediately that we wanted to get involved with Alex’s and help make a difference.  Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters has designated Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation as one of our main charitable partners, and knew we wanted to do more to make a difference.  Education and prevention are crucial when it comes to preventing oral disease in cancer patients, and creating a series of videos to accomplish this, was a no-brainer.  We look forward to many years of partnership with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, and creating new programs to help pediatric cancer patients."  For more information about Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters please visit, https://www.cavitybusters.com/

Liz Scott, co-executive director of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and Alex’s mom said,   “We are grateful to work alongside Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters, a group of such caring pediatric dental professionals who are experienced in treating children with cancer, and are committed to helping to educate families in our community. It means so much to know that Doc Bresler’s can provide valuable information and resources, offering comfort and support with everyday challenges that accompany cancer diagnosis, and treatment.”

To view the videos, please click below:




About Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) emerged from the front yard lemonade stand of 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who was fighting cancer and wanted to raise money to find cures for all children with cancer. Her spirit and determination inspired others to support her cause, and when she passed away at the age of 8, she had raised $1 million. Since then, the Foundation bearing her name has evolved into a national fundraising movement. Today, ALSF is one of the leading funders of pediatric cancer research in the U.S. and Canada, raising more than $200 million so far, funding nearly 1,000 research projects and providing programs to families affected by childhood cancer. For more information, visit AlexsLemonade.org.

About Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters
Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters was founded in 1982 by David A. Bresler DDS, a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. Over the last 37 years, the family-owned practice has grown into 8 locations, making it one of the largest pediatric dental practices in Pennsylvania. Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters also owns and operates Red Lion Surgicenter – the nation’s first free-standing ambulatory surgery center dedicated exclusively to dental procedures for children of all ages and special needs adults who cannot tolerate dental care in the traditional setting can have treatment performed safely and comfortably while asleep, and Special Touch Dentistry, treating Special Needs adults with the utmost compassion.

Doc Bresler’s doctors see cancer patients at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. For more information, visit www.cavitybusters.com