Childhood Cancer

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Predictive Modeling of MDS Disease Progression From Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome Using Novel Branching Process and Next Generation Sequencing to Improve Patient-Specific Survival

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Seth Corey, MD & Marek Kimmel, PhD
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Innovation Grants
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Type of Childhood Cancer: 
Project Description: 

We are learning that an increasing number of pediatric cancers, especially the leukemias, have a genetic predisposition. Wouldn't it be great to be able to prevent these life-threatening complications? 

Project Goal
We propose to study a mouse strain at the point leukemia emerges from a pre-leukemic state. We will obtain serial snapshots of the genetic changes and use that information to build a predictive computer program. The goal will be to apply this computer program to children with leukemia predisposition syndromes. By tracking the disease with exquisite sensitivity, we want to predict before leukemia arises. In that situation, a stem cell transplantation will be needed. Timely intervention will improve survival for these children. This will also reassure other parents that their child is not at risk.