Childhood Cancer

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Radiation and the Tumor Microenvironment in an Immunocompetent Model of Ewing Sarcoma

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Jessica Daley, MD
Grant Type: 
Young Investigator Grants
Year Awarded: 
Type of Childhood Cancer: 
Ewing Sarcoma
Project Description: 

Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive cancer usually diagnosed in teenagers. When this cancer advances and spreads to other parts of the body (metastasizes), it is very difficult to cure. Patients with metastatic Ewing sarcoma often receive radiation to help treat the cancer. During radiation therapy, the body?s immune system can help attack cancer cells. However, sometime this effect is suppressed. We are working to understand immune cell suppression during radiation with the hope that by reactivating the immune system, we can improve treatment response. Our goal is to improve the lives and outcomes of patients with metastatic Ewing sarcoma.

Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to improve survival for patients with aggressive Ewing sarcoma. We hope to gather data that will help design clinical trials for patients with aggressive Ewing sarcoma that are undergoing radiation therapy. We are especially interested in therapies that help a patient's own immune system to attack their tumors following radiation.