Childhood Cancer

Lise de Boer

In August 2009, after months with stomach ache, Lise was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, stage 4 because of her age and bone marrow metastases. So Lise started with the (American) high risk protocol immediately.
The first chemo did work out well, so there was a first glimpse of hope! After some months we found out about a successful trial with immune therapy in America. We asked our doctor if it would be possible for Lise to join this study. He said it could take even 5 to 10 years before immune therapy would become available for patients in the Netherlands. Meanwhile Lise’s treatment continued with chemo, surgery, stem cell transplant and radiation.
Suddenly there was amazing news. Because of the very positive results Dr. Maris and his research team upgraded the trial in phase 4 and therefore it became possible to get this treatment for other patients (outside the USA) as well. Our doctor advised strongly to take this opportunity!
And so we did and therefore Lise survived!
Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation helped us along the way. The fact they are just there (at CHOP, on television) was already was big comfort. They supported us by providing 2 months of temporary lodging. This was very helpful because as entrepreneurs we both had no income at all during 6 months. It helped to reduce the financial sorrow. ALS also invited us for their 10th year celebration at Alex’s Original Stand. Very special to be surrounded by that many people all touched by childhood cancer in some way.
But even more important is the substantial financial contribution Alex Lemonade Stand paid for the immune therapy research. So it is a fact that Alex Lemonade Stand helped to save Lise’s life.
We honor ALS for everything and are so grateful every day.
Alex, Manon, Femke and Lise
The Netherlands