Childhood Cancer

Patricia Rogers

Patricia was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma on March 2, 2011, a week after her 12th birthday. The vast majority of children who are affected by this cancer are under the age of five. Older children are at higher risk and do not respond as well to the standard treatments. This has been the case for Patty. We exhausted the treatments available for her in Indiana in 2011, and turned to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for clinical trials and their neuroblastoma team.
Patty is currently stable, but her outlook is grim. Without the help of her medical teams, both at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, she would not be with us now. We continue to have hope. Patty is the most positive and strong young women in the world. She has been through over 40 rounds of chemotherapy, three surgeries, two stem cell transplants, proton radiation therapy, I-131 MIBG radiation therapy, and one round of targeted radiation therapy to treat a tumor in her femur that was causing her excruciating pain. She has also been through four clinical trials, all of which failed for one reason or another. Despite all of this, she continues to be an active, sassy, and determined girl. 
Since 2012, we have traveled to Cincinnati several times. Sometimes our trips have been for one day, others for nearly a month. We live in Lafayette, Indiana, and these trips have been very hard on us emotionally, physically, and financially. From the beginning, Alex’s Lemonade Stand has been there for us. They have arranged lodging and provided meals and gas cards. Without this organization, we would not have had the resources to continue her life-providing medical care so far away from home. We are truly grateful.
Information provided by Sarah Rogers, Patty’s Mom
August 2014