Childhood Cancer

Prestun Seibel

Prestun is a 3-year-old boy who likes playing video games and kicking a soccer ball and dislikes taking medicine.

A limp and continuing leg pain were the first signs that Prestun was sick. A biopsy of the bone in Prestun’s leg showed neuroblastoma. Prestun’s doctors scheduled surgery right away to remove the tumor. Then the little boy underwent six rounds of chemotherapy at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, a few hours away from his home in central Kansas.

In order to receive the advanced treatment he needed, he and his mother had to travel to Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, where Prestun underwent three rounds of 3f8 antibody therapy, 14 rounds of radiation and countless scans.

Support from the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Travel For Care Program helped pay travel costs and reduce some of the stress that came with having to take Prestun to New York for treatment. Prestun’s mom, Tiffany Seibel, says that Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has given her “some peace and less stress…they put me at ease and I know they are here to help me. Every time I call in they are friendly and stress free. I give the dates of travel and they take care of it right away. They always tell me to call back if I need anything else. I know that Alex’s will get me there and take care of all the booking. Thank you.”

Prestun has endured so much in his young life and showed his family the true meaning of love. His mom is amazed by his good spirits. Even after getting poked for port access, he will still high-five the nurse and smile.

Prestun still has to go through two more years of active treatment in New York. After that, he will have three more years of once-every-three-month scans, each of which will again require him to travel with his family more than one thousand miles from home.

Prestun’s mom says “Prestun shows me that even though things are hard in life to never give up and keep moving forward…I’m truly proud of Prestun and glad he has shown me a different side to cancer. Sometimes all you see is the bad side of all this. Prestun has shown me that there is still love and happiness through all of this.”  

Quote from Prestun: “Don’t worry Momie. I’m here. You are ok.” (as he smiles at his mom).


Information provided by Tiffany Seibel, Prestun’s mom
May 2013