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Exciting news – Liz Scott, Alex’s mom, has been chosen as one of the mom bloggers on Working Mother’s website. Deemed “Lemonade Mom,” Liz will share some of her life experiences as a mom, as well as advice from time to time through this blog. Her first entry examined how she as a mother dealt with a child’s illness and how she listened to her instincts. Check out the beginning of her blog below, and click on the link for the blog in its entirety. Keep checking the Working Mother site for updates too!

Dealing with a child's illness,
and using your instincts as a mom

My daughter Alexandra "Alex" Scott was the second born of my four children. The only girl, Alex was special from the moment she came into the world. She had beautiful blue eyes, and though she was premature, she arrived at a healthy weight and went home soon after. The months following her birth were fairly uneventful, other than the fact that I was now juggling two children under the age of 1. It was only as time passed that I began to realize that something was not right with Alex. Alex’s older brother Patrick is less than a year her senior, and had not demonstrated any of the behaviors or symptoms that Alex was. If they weren’t so close in age, I am not sure I would have thought anything of it, but I took Alex to the pediatrician who advised me that she was fine. When we returned numerous more times, the doctor finally said “you have to come to the terms with the fact that you don’t have a happy baby.”

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