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Hi, my name is Anja Hollander, and I work for HC Brill, a baking supply company based in Atlanta, GA. One aspect of my job is to go to grocery store bakeries during their promotions and offer support. One store that I’m contracted through is Giant Eagle, a large grocery store based in Pennsylvania, with over 200 stores expanding into the surrounding states.

Giant Eagle was taking part in a special promotion with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Their bakeries sold special “lemon” baked goods to raise awareness for childhood cancer. They also made a donation to the Foundation.

Giant Eagle ran this special promotion for 2 weeks in all of their stores. HC Brill supplied items the stores could use as part of their displays; awareness stickers to be applied to the packaging and Alex's Lemonade Stand signs. Each store created a display set up with Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Drop Cookies & Half cakes using Giant Eagles’ signature cake - White Almond with lemon filling.

Things went amazingly well during the promotion; excitement was high within the bakery as well as throughout the entire store, which easily carried over to the customers! The most touching part of the event was how so many people got behind and supported the cause. The stores put together some really great displays and a lot of them posted Alex’s story. Customers were drawn to the colorful displays and once they read the story, were more than happy to take home a delicious desert from Giant Eagle. A success for all involved!