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A New Year, A New Resolution, and Renewed Hope

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Along with each New Year comes the opportunity for new beginnings. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions as we enter a new calendar year, citing ways in which we would like to change ourselves and our lives. There are many popular resolutions, among those that rank highest – spending more time with family and friends, getting physically fit, losing weight, fixing finances and getting organized. These are the resolutions that we most often hear about covered in the news, or when we speak to our friends, but something that may be unknown is that helping others is amongst the leaders in New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are all about improving ourselves and the lives around us, and helping others should certainly fit into that mold. When was the last time you can remember volunteering at an event, or helping a charity and not walking away feeling better about the difference you made in the world, or even just the difference you made in one person’s life? Helping others through volunteerism is the unselfish resolution. Whether it’s building a house, mentoring a child, or hosting a lemonade stand, volunteerism can take on many forms, and there is always something to suit your needs and wants.

Thus far we have been pleased to report that volunteer inquiries have been coming in frequently since January 1. As you know, without our volunteers, and the help of supporters everywhere, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation would simply not exist. This time of year brings us joy for many reasons, not only are we starting new; heading toward our unofficial kick-off, the Lemon Ball gala; awaiting promising research results; but we are also looking forward to gaining new volunteers and supporters in the New Year. We hope that you will make New Year’s resolutions this year that will stick, and we hope that no matter which charity you choose to support, that volunteerism will make the list!

Check out these volunteers:

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Happy New Year!