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Chef supporters at The Great Chefs Event Philadelphia

By: The ALSF Special Events Team 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has extended farther than many of us could have imagined. In this chaotic period, we feel an extra dose of gratitude for the supporters who have helped Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) and the fight for cures for childhood cancer. Our culinary community has remained a dedicated ally.

Incredible chefs have cooked, shared recipes, hosted lemonade stands, organized events and lent their world-class talents to support our mission. In 2019 alone, over 100 chefs around the country helped raise more than $2.6 million for childhood cancer research at our signature culinary events. In addition, countless sous chefs, culinary volunteers, breweries, mixologists, vintners, purveyors and other hospitality staff members have played integral parts in making our events possible. 

And now, our culinary community needs us. 

Our chef supporters and their teams are experiencing unprecedented loss and uncertain futures. ALSF has never been alone in our fight against childhood cancer, and we want the culinary community to know they are not alone either.

Our founder, Alex Scott, held her first lemonade stand because she wanted to give back to those who helped her. Alex believed that people could work together to make a difference. We believe that too. It’s our turn to help those who have shown us unwavering support, and we hope others will join us. Let’s come together and help each other emerge from this challenge stronger and better.

Here are ways we can all support the culinary community:

1. Learn more by visiting the links below. Donate to a relief fund, sign petitions and join a mailing list to stay updated.

2. Write a letter or call your representatives and senators. Ask them to help small businesses like independently owned restaurants. 

3. Share information and resources with your network!

4. Shop online.

  • Buy gift cards for future use
  • Purchase merchandise from the many restaurants selling merch in their online stores
  • You can even buy a personal experience! Check out Save Philly Eats to see how Philadelphia-based chefs are getting creative to raise money for their industry (shop discounted gift cards, products and even in-home dinners, cocktail parties and classes, to be held on an agreed upon, future date)

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation remains tremendously grateful to all our supporters. Together we will change the lives of children with cancer and continue working towards a cure. Stay strong, healthy and know that our hearts and thoughts are with you all.