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Double Your Impact: 5 Reasons to Engage in Workplace Giving for Kids with Cancer

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In addition to his recurring workplace donation, Doug (above in white) volunteers at at the lemonade stand his wife Jennifer organizes each year. 

By: Megan Baker

Doug Cote has been a loyal supporter of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) since the beginning. He met ALSF founder Alex Scott when she was in a baby carriage. For over a decade, his wife, Jennifer has planned annual lemonade stands with Doug’s support. Doug also takes his support to an additional level—doubling his impact through workplace giving. 

Doug contributes to the cause via his employer, Voya’s, matching gifts program. Doug supports Alex’s with every paycheck via payroll deduction and Voya doubles his contribution every time, doubling his impact for kids with cancer. 

We all wish we could give to the charities we love at a greater capacity to make a bigger impact. When you engage in workplace giving, you’re not only making a dent in the childhood cancer research funding gap, but you’re looping in your company, spreading awareness of ALSF’s mission to fund cutting-edge research and support families in the ways they need it most. 

Here are five reasons to engage in workplace giving:

1.    It’s the easiest way to double (sometimes even triple or quadruple!) your impact.

It only takes a quick search on our website, filling out a few lines with information found on your donation receipt and submitting to your employer.

2.    You can use our company search tool to find out right away if your company has a matching gifts program.

You can follow this link to find out if your employer will match your charitable donation. If they don’t come up in the results, it’s worth asking your human resources representative to see if a company match is still possible.

3.    You spread awareness of ALSF.

By submitting a match request to your employer, you’re not only increasing your own charitable impact, but you’re communicating the mission of ALSF and setting the stage for potential future workplace giving campaigns spearheaded by your employer.

4.    You can set up recurring donations through your company workplace giving program.

Employee giving options often include donations which can be made through automatic payroll deductions. It only takes a few clicks to set this up and you can leave them running for as long as you wish. 

5.    You could receive an employee do-good grant.

Some companies reward grants to the charity of the employee’s choice based on the employee’s hard work. This is a great way to share your success and make an impact if you’re not able to donate financially. 

“I think my company’s matching gifts program is a really good feature. Voya has a culture of giving to the community, and what better way than to reward, or rather to entice and motivate employees to donate to their favorite charities and get a match. It’s a wonderful thing; it’s easy, it’s payroll deducted so you don’t have to think about it and they take care of all the reporting. They give you a nice summary for your taxes,” said Doug. 

Consider making a lasting impact like Doug and submit for a company match! Find out if your company will match your charitable donation here.

Double Your Donation