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Sib Spot

Welcome to Sib Spot! This section of our website was created just for you – our SuperSibs!

Below are different sections – to get started, select the one that best fits you! Depending on which you select, you will find fun activities and answers to some of your questions.   Of course, if you need more information, or you have additional questions, ask your parents or a trusted adult (aunt, uncle, grandparent, close family friend, or teacher) to read the information and do the activities with you.  


>> Ages 4-7

>> Ages 8 - 12

>> Teen

>> Bereaved


We know that it can be tough to have a brother or sister with cancer. It’s normal to have all kinds of feelings. Sometimes people describe it as “being on a roller coaster.” You are amazing and very special to your parents, siblings, family, friends, teachers….and to us! We hope that you like the mailings we send you as a SuperSib and that they remind you of how much we care about you.