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Comfort & Care Mailing Programs

SuperSibs Comfort & Care MailerThe SuperSibs Comfort & Care Mailing Programs send age-appropriate support over two years to children ages 4-18 residing in the U.S. who have experienced the childhood cancer diagnosis of a sibling.

All materials are evidence-based and developed by licensed professionals to reassure siblings that they are not alone, validate the complex feelings they may be experiencing, and provide the tools needed to cope and thrive.

Special mailings are available whenever there are changes in the patient’s treatment status.

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The program includes:

  • Resources and support specifically for parents
  • Six mailings per year for two years containing age-appropriate support resources and fun activities
  • Annual birthday surprise
  • Graduation recognition at the end of the program
  • Option to re-enroll in the program

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Grief and Loss Mailings

For children who have experienced the death of a sibling from childhood cancer, SuperSibs provides additional mailings through the Comfort & Care Grief and Loss Mailing Program. Siblings may enroll in this program in addition to or instead of the general Comfort & Care Mailing Program.

This program includes:

  • Grief support and resources specifically for parents
  • 4 mailings per year for two years with activities designed to provide gentle ways for SuperSibs to cope with their grief and feelings
  • A special remembrance on the anniversary of their sibling’s passing
  • Option to re-enroll in the program

All activities are adaptable to the SuperSib’s age, skill, and comfort level. Younger children will benefit from gentle guidance and assistance in completing some activities.

Please notify us of any changes or preferences by contacting us through our secure portal, by emailing  [email protected] , or by phone at 866-333-1213.

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Who is eligible for SuperSibs Comfort & Care Program?

Children who…

  • Are between the ages of 4 and 18 years old
  • Have a sibling diagnosed with cancer: being treated, out of treatment or passed away
  • Reside in the United States

Who can refer children to the SuperSibs Program?

  1. Authorized family representative: Social Worker, Child Life Specialist, Nurse
  2. Parent or Guardian

For Families:  

Use the Quick Referral link below.

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For Healthcare Professionals:

Applications for SuperSibs from healthcare professionals must be submitted through Proposal Central.   This allows you to track submitted requests, update your contact information, and communicate directly with program staff.

Enroll in SuperSibs Comfort & Care Mailing Programs:

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If you have not already done so, please click here to set up your account.  Once logged in, navigate to the Grant Opportunities tab in Proposal Central and select the corresponding ALSF Family Services application.  If you have any questions regarding your Proposal Central account, please contact [email protected].