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Ambassadors Program

Welcome Heroes, Parents, Family Members, SuperSibs, and SuperFriends!

Who are Ambassadors? Any child who has/had cancer or a family member, sibling or friend of a childhood cancer hero who wants a deeper level of involvement with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation  (ALSF) can become an Ambassador. The program allows Ambassadors to pick their own level of involvement which can range from attending events, speaking at events, visiting schools in their community, holding their own events or connecting with local families and friends. Each Hero, SuperSib, and SuperFriend Ambassador adds their own voice and experiences to the fight and helps raise awareness about curing childhood cancer. Not only is this empowering and cathartic for the Ambassador, but it will show the breadth of childhood cancer’s impact and bring forward one more reason to find a cure!

Hero Ambassadors

Hero Ambassadors are childhood cancer heroes, parents of heroes and extended family members of heroes who are turning lemons into lemonade by using the power of their experience to make a difference and get involved in the fight against childhood cancer.

SuperSibs Ambassadors

SuperSibs Ambassadors provides siblings of children with cancer with the opportunity to share their unique experience and coping process. Childhood cancer affects the whole family, not only the child who receives the diagnosis, and our SuperSibs Ambassadors are essential to understanding the impact of childhood cancer.

SuperFriends Ambassadors

SuperFriends Ambassadors are friends of a child with cancer, their siblings or their parents with a unique piece of an important story. SuperFriends find a sense of purpose through sharing their experience and inspiring their community to rally in the fight against childhood cancer. These special Ambassadors speak at local events, school programs and are often lemonade stand leaders and event hosts.

Become an ambassador

Note: You must first create an ALSF website account or log in (you will need to verify your email address).