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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not asking heroes to attend in-person events. If you wish to have a hero representative part of your event, we can accommodate recorded videos, video conferences or other virtual options. We appreciate your understanding at this time.


Are you hosting a fundraiser to benefit ALSF? Nothing resonates more with participants and donors than a personal story of childhood cancer. Click here for more information about our Hero, SuperSib and SuperFriend Ambassadors.

If you are hosting an ALSF fundraiser and want to include an Ambassador in your program, fill out the form below. Ambassadors can attend and speak at your event on behalf of the Foundation, sharing their stories with donors and volunteers while emphasizing the importance of raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer.

Tips for Incorporating an Ambassador at your Event

  • Ambassadors make the most impact when speaking and sharing their story in front of an audience, but they can speak one-on-one as well.
  • Ambassadors can share their personal connection to the cause while emphasizing the need for funding research and thanking donors and volunteers for their support.
  • Please ensure that the event can appropriately accommodate a special speaker, and that the role of the Ambassador is utilized as ALSF intends.
  • Ambassadors are not available in every city and state. If you’d like to request an Ambassador to attend your event, please provide at least three weeks advance notice so we will have sufficient time to coordinate.

For questions or comments, please contact [email protected].

Basic Information
We will give your email and telephone number to the Ambassador in case he/she as any follow-up questions or have difficulty finding the place.
Event Information
More Event Information
I.E.: a lemonade stand, school assembly, check presentation, etc.
I.E.: An elementary school, corporate office, country club, etc.
I.E.: Wheelchair accessible, etc.
If so, please describe.
I.E.: Students, young professionals, athletes, etc.
Role of the Ambassador/Family
Typically, a speech lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes but it also depends on the event and who the audience members are. Please also specify anything you’d like the Ambassador to include in his/her speech.
Our Ambassadors typically talk about their story, the importance of supporting ALSF, and thank the donors for their support. If there is anything you’d like them to specifically say, please enter it here
This can be in addition to, or in place of speaking in front of a set audience.
Please note Ambassadors will try to be supportive in any way they can, but aren’t always able to stay for the entire event.
We have Ambassadors whose child is off treatment (either in remission or a survivor), in treatment, or have passed away.
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