My Childhood Cancer

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My Childhood Cancer

My Childhood Cancer (MCC) is a program created by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to provide valuable interactive resources to childhood cancer families. MCC consists of a Survey Series and a Community Forum to complement the other family resources we offer.  ALSF has created these programs to have a meaningful impact and we invite and encourage all childhood cancer families to join in.

My Childhood Cancer: Survey Series

My Childhood Cacncer: Survey Series aims to understand the different ways childhood cancer can impact families. It works by collecting information through anonymous surveys which are answered over time by families who have experienced childhood cancer. The series of surveys captures a global view of family dynamics, activities, behaviors and attitudes to understand the short-term and long-term impact of childhood cancer on the whole family unit. The cumulative findings from the surveys will be made available to the childhood cancer community to identify influences and subsequent risk factors to families, as well as quantify unmet needs with the hopes that support programs can be created to address these identified areas. As more families share their experiences through MCC: Survey Series, it will become an increasingly powerful tool!

My Childhood Cancer: Community Forum

My Childhood Cacncer: Community Forum is a discussion board for anyone affected by childhood cancer to connect with others and get, or give, support anonymously.  Participants can post questions and participate in discussions which makes the MCC Community Forum a unique source of information for those who have a loved one diagnosed with childhood cancer. Register and begin connecting right away!

 *The Forum is monitored to ensure all posts align with the Community Guidelines. The goal of the Forum is to cultivate a supportive and sharing community.