My Childhood Cancer

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Survey Facts: Participation

What is the Family History? - What Was Happening at Diagnosis? - What Has Happened Since Diagnosis?  

Who's Participating?  

SURVEY FACT 1: Over 2,000 families from across the U.S. and other parts of the world have joined My Childhood Cancer: Survey Series and provided information on their child’s diagnosis.  See the map below to view participant’s locations when their child was diagnosed with cancer.


SURVEY FACT 2: Just over one third of participants completed their first survey within 2 years of diagnosis.  Another third of participants completed their first survey more than 5 years after diagnosis.  


SURVEY FACT 3: Of the families participating, 1 in 5 has had a child pass away from childhood cancer.


SURVEY FACT 4: Participants provide information on children at various points following a childhood cancer diagnosis: in treatment, having recently finished treatment, and up to several years after treatment.  At 4 years after diagnosis and beyond, only 1 out of 10 children is still in treatment.










SURVEY FACT 5: More than 20 different childhood cancer diagnoses are represented in My Childhood Cancer: Survey Series with almost two thirds of the participating families having children diagnosed with leukemia (ALL), neuroblastoma or a brain tumor. The 10 most mentioned diagnoses are shown in this table.


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