The Million Mile 2024

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Ideas for Reaching Your Goals


Build Your Team

  • Send out the link to your team’s online page to friends, family and co-workers. Don’t worry if your team members live far away or even out of the country. This is a worldwide event and a nice way to bring people together for a worthy cause.
  • Post a link to your team page on social media with an open invite for anyone to join your team. The more the merrier when it comes to fighting childhood cancer.
  • Plan an informational group walk, run or bike ride with potential team members. Before you head out for your trek, let them know about The Million Mile, why it is important and encourage them to join your team.
  • Ask each team member to invite at least one other person to join as well. See helpful email templates here!
  • Bring a sign-up sheet to your workplace and ask people to sign up to get more information from you. Collect their emails and send out the link to your team page. It is that easy!
  • Set a goal for how many team members you want and keep inviting folks until you reach your goal.

Reach Your Mileage Goals

  • Choose an approach that suits your life and personality:
    • "Slow and Steady": Divide your monthly goal by 30 days and then you will know exactly how many miles you need to cover each day to reach your goal.
    • "Stop and Go":  Does your schedule change daily/weekly, making it hard to plan time each day? Divide your total monthly goal by 4 weeks and give yourself some flexibility. If you had a busy week and missed a few days, you can always go on long walks on the weekend to catch up.
    • "Go, Go, Go": Each time you head out, just push yourself to go as far as you can go. Chances are, if you do this, you will blow away your goal.
  • Plan team walks/runs/rides in the evenings, early mornings or weekends. You could even do lunchtime if that works for your team. Logging miles is a great excuse to get together.
  • If you have team members who don’t live near each other, plan a virtual walk together. Suggest that each team member do their run/walk/ride at the same time as a way to “virtually” join and support each other.
  • Create some quality, daily family time by taking an after-dinner walk together.
  • Sign up your dog and double your miles. Hey, dogs are man’s best friend and would definitely go the distance for the kids!
  • Need more ideas? Check out our ALSF blog for more suggestions and email templates here!

Reach Your Fundraising Goal

  • Share your Million Mile page online using social media and ask friends, family and other people to support you by donating.
  • Send out your Million Mile page via email to family and friends. Ask them to give $.50 or $1 per mile you plan to log during the month. See helpful templates here!
  • Your Million Mile page features an Honored Hero. Share the story of your honored hero with your friends and family and encourage them to make a donation as a way of further honoring this young childhood cancer fighter.
  • Make a specific ask. For example, if you want to raise $200, ask 10 people to donate $20 each. Or ask people to give up $1 a day in the month of September which equals a $30 donation to your page per person.
  • Host a lemonade stand! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring in extra donations and gives you a chance to share Alex’s story and the importance of the cause.
  • Over 21? Host a happy hour at your local bar or restaurant. Ask the manager to donate a portion of the proceeds or the cover charge to your Million Mile team.
  • Host your own 5K. Invite friends and family to run/walk a 5K and donate $15 to participate. An easy way to plan a walk is to see if your local school will let you use the track as a place for people to safely walk/run.
  • Play to your strengths and resources. Figure out what works for you and your team for fundraising – car wash, bake sale, silent auction, etc.—be creative!