Childhood Cancer

Your Child in the Hospital

Is hospitalization necessary?

In emergencies, you may not have time to ask the doctor questions about your child’s hospitalization. But, in most circumstances, you can discuss the reasons for hospitalization with your child’s doctor in advance. Here are a few important questions to ask when your child’s doctor recommends hospitalization:

  • Why is hospitalization necessary?
  • Which hospital is best for my child?
  • Are there any alternatives such as outpatient surgery?
  • Who will perform the procedure or surgery?
  • Would you explain the procedure or surgery in detail and in language that I understand?
  • Are books, pamphlets, or videos available that describe the procedure or surgery?
  • Is there a child life specialist on staff who will discuss the hospitalization with my child and answer his questions in advance?
  • Will our insurance cover it?

Try to get enough information to help you and your child prepare for medical treatments and procedures. Knowing what to expect will lower your anxiety level as well as your child’s.

When Claire had her tonsils out, they did it as an outpatient surgery. At first I was shocked that they were going to send my daughter home after just a few hours, but now I’m so glad they did. I think it’s almost always better to be at home if you can be. It’s more cost effective and your child can benefit from a familiar environment and the comforts of home.