Childhood Cancer

Your Child in the Hospital

Keep the school informed

If your child will miss more than a week or two of school, you should notify the school in writing about your child’s medical situation. If not notified, schools can drop children from the rolls due to non-attendance. Usually, the school will designate a person (e.g., child’s teacher, guidance counselor) to communicate with a designated person at the hospital (e.g., school liaison, child life specialist, social worker). This appointed school liaison will keep information flowing between the hospital and school, and will help pave the way for your child’s successful return to class. Because privacy laws prohibit this exchange of information, parents need to sign a release form authorizing the school and hospital to share information. These forms are available at schools and hospitals.

We had absolutely no problem keeping the school informed as we lived directly behind it. The teacher would frequently stop by on her way home to drop off homework assignments and cards or messages from Stephan’s classmates. The school nurse, psychologist, and teacher were at my beck and call. Whenever I felt that we needed to talk, I’d call and they would set up a meeting within twenty-four hours. They have been wonderful.