Childhood Cancer

The hospital will provide meals for your child. But you must eat as well and buying meals day after day in the hospital cafeteria can get expensive.

• Check to see if the floor has a refrigerator, microwave, or kitchen for patient use. Because children often want to eat between meals, such facilities are handy to heat hot chocolate, make popcorn, or cook leftovers.

• Put your name in a prominent place on your containers.

• Ask family members and friends to bring food when they visit.

• Find out which local restaurants deliver take-out food to hospital rooms.

• Consider ordering extra items to come up on your child’s tray.

Our hospital provides vouchers for the cafeteria that can be used instead of ordering food for the room. For us, they have been a godsend. The food on the tray is much worse than what is in the cafeteria. When our son is not able to go to the cafeteria, we go down and bring the food back to his room.