Childhood Cancer

Your Child in the Hospital

Other staff members

Many other staff members will help you and your child during your stay in the hospital.

Interpreter. You have a legal right to an interpreter if you have limited ability to speak or understand English. You have the right to understand what is being said about what is happening with your child’s health. The healthcare workers need to know what you and your child are saying so they can provide the best care.

Psychologist. Child psychologists help children and families cope with and adjust to illness, injury, and hospitalization. They frequently supervise members of the other helping professionals such as social workers and child life professionals.

Child life specialist. These professionals help children cope through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities. They also provide emotional support for all family members by providing information, support, and guidance.

Social worker. These professionals educate children and parents about all aspects of hospitalization, facilitate communication with other members of the healthcare team, provide crisis intervention if needed, and refer families to hospital and community resources.

Chaplain. Most hospitals have chaplains on staff who are available for counseling, religious services, prayer, and other types of spiritual support.

Discharge planner. The hospital discharge planner will meet with you to discuss when your child will be discharged, whether any services are needed at home (e.g., physical therapy), and if referral to an appropriate home care agency or support organization is needed.