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The Crazy 8 Initiative

Everyone talks about finding cures, but no one has a plan.

We have the plan—and the plan is the Crazy 8 Initiative.

About The Crazy 8 Initiative

Since the beginning Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) has been about collaboration and working together to find cures.

As ALSF continues to distinguish itself as a leader in funding childhood cancer research and accelerating cures, the Foundation has also facilitated unprecedented collaboration between the brightest minds in childhood cancer research from around the globe.

In the spirit of growing that collaboration, ALSF is launching the Crazy 8 Initiative with the purpose of detailing roadmaps for cures for specific, hard-to-treat childhood cancers and pressing topics of the childhood cancer community. We want to know what needs to happen to move the needle for kids with cancer and how much it will cost.

The Crazy 8 Initiative will begin with a meeting that will bring together an expansive group of top scientists and researchers in eight key areas to tackle the big question:

How can we find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer?


ALSF will continue to fund its current, innovative grant opportunities. But the roadmaps and outcomes of The Crazy 8 Initiative will create a new funding pillar for ALSF, allowing the Foundation to tackle specific cancers and topics in an impactful way.

ALSF has committed $25 million to The Crazy 8 Initiative in hopes of creating a future free of childhood cancer.

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The Crazy 8 Meeting September 2018

The meeting will be led by members of the ALSF Scientific Advisory Board in September 2018 in Philadelphia, PA.

Thought leaders in the fields of each topic will participate in a 2-3 day “meeting of the minds.” There will be interactive, collaborative, topic-based meetings. Additionally, there will be opportunity for cross-topic, dynamic and innovative discussions between researchers and scientists designed to bring all attendees together.

Subsequent meetings will be scheduled to assess progress, realign where needed and continue to layout the future roadmaps.

Crazy 8 Topics

  • Neuroblastoma
  • Embryonal brain cancers
  • High grade gliomas (including DIPG and ependymoma)
  • Leukemia
  • Fusion positive sarcoma
  • Fusion negative sarcoma
  • Big data
  • Catalyzing clinical trials

Expected Outcomes

All results will take into consideration current knowledge and what is needed in order to progress. Each roadmap will be specific enough to have meaningful benchmarks, but flexible enough to be nimble.

Roadmaps will be posted here.

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