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Alashujon Leachman

  • Medulloblastoma

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Alashujon is an out-of-this-world 11 year old boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut. His distaste for french fries is only outmatched by his disdain for cancer. Still, he spends every day fighting.

It all started when Alashujon began experiencing severe headaches. The recurrences became so frequent that completing his schoolwork was a struggle. Alashujon was constantly fatigued, falling asleep at home and even in class. Once his grades began to suffer, his mom, Chyenne, knew something was seriously wrong and decided he needed medical attention. Soon after, he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.

Since then, Alashujon has been in treatment at Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s in the process of conquering both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chyenne is so proud of her son for his fighter mentality. Every battle that life throws his way, Alashujon overcomes with his strong will and determination. His mom is hopeful that he will beat cancer so one day he can go to college and achieve his dreams of visiting outer space.

Their battle certainly hasn’t been easy, but for anyone who shares Alashujon’s family’s struggles, they urge you to take heart. Chyenne’s advice to other families is, “Remember to smile. It may take a lot, but it will make you feel warm inside.” Even in dark times, they try to find a light.

Alashujon and his family think of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) as a beacon of hope that means one day, with enough research, a cure will be within reach. They know that with ALSF, other pediatric cancer families, just like them, will always be accounted for.

Information provided by Chyenne Stewart, Alashujon’s mom
Updated June 2020

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