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Lily Adkins

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In May 2007, Lily was diagnosed with a regular ependymoma brain tumor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She was 14 months old. In the weeks leading up to her diagnosis, Lily was throwing up sporadically, began to lose her balance and stopped crawling.

At CHOP, Lily had a full tumor resection. Because of this complete removal, her tumor type and other factors, we were sent to MD Anderson in Houston, TX for 6 weeks of proton radiation therapy. Lily has had clean MRIs since August 2007. Today, Lily is a sassy and energetic, and 13 years old.

The brain tumor left Lily unable to walk, but today Lily walks, runs and dances (ballet and hip-hop!). She continues to work hard at further developing her balance, strength and coordination through dance, sailing, rowing and horseback riding. For 12 years, Lily received weekly physical and occupational therapy. In June 2019, Lily was discharged from PT! 

Lily is a long-time lemonade stand host and holds the World Record for the largest cup of Alex's Lemonade! In addition to her annual grand stand in her hometown of Haddon Township, NJ, Lily has also set a goal of hosting a lemonade stand in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, by the time she celebrates 15 years cancer-free in May 2022. 

When Lily grows up, she wants to be a pastry chef. She hopes to quit the lemonade stand business someday; but only after there are cures and safer treatments for all children. 

Watching Lily grow and continue to heal is an inspiration. She has taught us that when you fall, you always stand back up; to always love with our whole heart; and that miracles do happen. Lily is living proof.

Written by Trish Adkins, Lily’s proud mom
Updated July 2019

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