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Nora McConathy

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Sass the size of Texas, serious headshakes accompanying adamant “NO”s, and a smile so beautiful it would light up a room – these were all things that painted the perfect picture of Nora. Sadly, at a mere 14 months old, Nora passed away after her battle with cancer. She inspired many people, including the thousands who followed her story on social media. 

Soon after she was born, Nora began showing signs of facial weakness and was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Her family was told it would improve, but as a certified oncology nurse practitioner, Nora’s mom knew something wasn't right. She requested further testing, and doctors found Nora had multiple tumors in her brain and spine. 

Nora underwent three rounds of chemotherapy. She then contracted COVID-19 and passed shortly after. Her parents made the tough decision to donate her tissue to research, but despite there being protocols in place, hospitals refused to accept her samples because of her COVID-19 diagnosis in the days prior. 

Nora fought courageously for four months of her young life, and her legacy will now live on through the nonprofit foundation her parents founded in Nora’s honor. With Princess Nora’s Warrior Foundation, they are hoping to change the face of pediatric cancer by funding research and assisting families in need that are navigating this awful journey as well.  

Katrina, Nora’s aunt, emphasizes that this journey is HARD. While she is happy Nora is no longer suffering, she wants to pray for and support the other childhood cancer families still fighting. Through foundations like Nora’s and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Katrina believes we will not only bring awareness to the cause, but also a cure. This summer, she and her family are planning a lemonade stand competition to help provide further funding to pediatric cancer research. 

Information provided by Katrina W., Nora’s aunt 
Updated June 2022 

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Childhood Cancer Heroes

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