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Peyton Sanchez

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Our son, Peyton is an outgoing and happy 10 year-old battling a very serious tumor on his brain stem. The last 14 months have been an emotional roller coaster for our family. Due to my son also having neurofibromatosis, treatment options for this type of tumor are limited. Our doctors in Colorado had nothing to offer us as far as treatment and in June of 2015, they gave our son less than a year to live. 

We were referred to Texas Children's Hospital immediately to see if Peyton qualified for a phase 2 trial drug that was showing promise in the pediatric cancer community. Thankfully, he qualified for the trial drug and has been on it for the past 14 months. The tumor has stabilized and his neurological functioning has improved tremendously! My son, who was barely clinging to life a year ago, is living a pretty typical life today because of this drug and the doctors who work so hard on their research teams to find better treatments and cures. 
We travel back and forth from southern Colorado to Houston, Texas every 28 days for appointments and to refill the chemotherapy drug that he takes twice daily at home. Financially speaking, this has taken a toll on our family, but with the help of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation we have been given the gift of assistance with a few flights back and forth to Texas. We are so grateful for the Travel for Care program and will always count you all among our blessings. 
We don't know what the future holds for our sweet boy, but we do know that Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is helping to provide much needed assistance and support to families, as well as continuing to provide funding for research in the area of childhood cancer. For that, we are appreciative beyond words. Thank you all!

Information provided by Sheila, Charlie, Peyton and Landon Sanchez, Peyton's family

​Updated August 2016

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