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How your donation helps children with cancer everywhere!

At Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, our primary focus is to find a cure for all childhood cancers. We’re doing everything we can to speed up progress that will help us find these cures, as well as developing resources for childhood cancer heroes and their families as they battle the disease. Thanks to your support we are making progress and improving the lives of children with cancer and their families.

Learn how your support helps children with cancer

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Childhood Cancer Research

To date, we have raised more than $140 million and funded over 690 research projects towards the goal of putting an end to childhood cancer. In addition to funding cutting-edge research into finding better treatments and cures, we also fund nursing and psychosocial grants to improve the quality of life and care of children with cancer and their families.

Did you know...

  • Your donation of $50 will fund one hour of research.
  • A gift of $400 will fund one day of research.
  • A gift of $2,000 will fund a week of research.
  • A generous gift of $8,000 will pay for an entire month of research.

The research that your donation funds could lead to a cure!
Results from a recent clinical trial indicated that a drug being used to treat lung cancer in adults eradicated cancer in a select group of children with lymphoma. ALSF had a crucial role in this project, as we provided previous funding to the research team that allowed them to develop the breakthrough trial.

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ALSF Travel For Care Program & Family Resources

While the majority of our funding goes toward research, we are also intensely aware of the struggles - emotional, financial, and more - that families face throughout their battle with childhood cancer, and have created programs for assistance.  We  provide comfort and care to siblings of children with cancer through our SuperSibs program as well as free treatment journals to caretakers of children with cancer. Our annual Childhood Cancer Symposium brings childhood cancer families together to learn about the disease, treatment and beyond.  Our Travel For Care Program helps families with travel expenses as they travel far from their home for their child's treatments.

Your donations can go a long way in supporting families. For example, if you choose to support the Travel For Care Program, a donation of…

  • $15 can provide a gas card to help a family drive to a hospital for treatment.
  • $20 allows a family to park at the hospital where their child is receiving treatment.
  • $100 enables a family to reside at a nearby hotel so they can stay close to their child receiving treatment.
  • Any size helps ease a family’s financial burden so they can focus on their child’s treatment.

Read more about the ALSF Travel For Care Program , the annual Childhood Cancer Symposium, SuperSibs, and the ALSF Treatment Journal.