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Jack M, SuperSib




At 11 years old, Jack is an amazing SuperSib to his little brother Lucas. Although Lucas is a childhood cancer hero, he looks up to his big brother and considers Jack his own hero.

Lucas was 6 when his battle with acute myeloid leukemia began. Lucas merely had a fever the week before the diagnosis so the news came as a shock to Jack and his family. Jack couldn’t help worrying when his little brother wasn’t responding to chemotherapy, but they never lost hope. Their family bounced around four different hospitals, but by the fifth round, Lucas began his remission. While Jack cheered on his brother from the sidelines, he faced challenges of his own.

Jack moved to Houston with the rest of his family for Lucas’s first two rounds of treatment, but when that didn’t work, their family had to make a tough call. While his little brother moved from Houston to Cincinnati to Philadelphia for care, Jack and his sister returned home to Austin, Texas.

Jack was lucky enough to have his grandparents there to take care of them, but when the pandemic hit, new troubles emerged. He struggled with the lockdown, but to make matters more difficult, his sister was in a bind. She was Lucas’s perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, so Jack and his family had to take extra precautions to protect her from COVID-19. Even when their family was reunited nearly a year after the initial diagnosis, Jack then had to stay on lockdown to protect Lucas who was immunocompromised.

Despite all their hardships, Jack has stayed strong for his family and remained a dedicated big brother to Lucas.

Information provided by: 

Jack's Mom, Erin