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Ryder M, SuperSib




Ryder is 7 years old and a true outdoorsman. He loves spending time outside, especially if it involves hunting or fishing. When he’s not inside doing homeschool for second grade, he can often be found outside taking pictures of wild animals and birds in his backyard. Still, Ryder always finds time to be a supportive sibling while his little brother, Hudson, battles B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Hudson – or “Huddy” as their family likes to call him – was diagnosed with cancer just before his third birthday. Because Hudson also has down syndrome, he’s had to spend extra time inpatient, which hasn’t been easy for their family. While their mom sometimes has to spend weeks or months away with Hudson, Ryder has stepped up at home. He’s always trying to help his dad and older siblings around the house, whether it’s taking on extra chores or pitching in to help make dinner. Ryder makes sure to fulfill his duty as a SuperSib too. He stays connected with Hudson every day by spending time on FaceTime with him. It’s been helpful for them to keep a routine, so their family continues to read bedtime stories every night over the phone.

The Maxwell family has also received support from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) that made their rough journey a little bit smoother – like looking to ALSF for information or using the provided organizer to keep track of treatment plans. Plus, the SuperSibs program was able to help Ryder’s four older siblings to process their feelings and have some fun during a difficult time. Now, Hudson is nearing the end of active treatment, and Ryder is working hard to be the best brother he can be.

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