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Grayson R, SuperSib

Grayson R

Grayson is a fun-loving five-year-old with a soft spot for his siblings. He loves to spend his time watching YouTube videos or solving mysteries with Scooby Doo. While Spider-Man is his favorite Marvel superhero, Grayson’s older brother Landon is his favorite childhood cancer hero!

In 2020, Landon was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. While his brother is pushing through the maintenance phase until November 2023, Grayson is finding ways to support Landon every step of the way.

According to his mom, Grayson and his sister, Maci, always make Landon their number one priority. Even at such a young age, Grayson is constantly asking for his big brother and for ways he can help. Since Landon is eight and Maci is 10, their mom, Ashley, is proud of how Grayson handles their struggles as the youngest of three.

Grayson’s mom says that the best advice their family has received is to take everything day by day. Living in the present without the pressure of the future is sometimes the best way to face challenges as a family.

While Grayson continues to show love for his brother and sister throughout their family’s journey, he and Maci are enrolled in the SuperSibs program to receive special mailings and support during this difficult time.

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