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Jason W., SuperSib

Nine-year-old Jason likes reading nonfiction books, baking cookies, riding bikes, and playing his Nintendo Switch. He’s a whiz with board games, his favorite being Monopoly. Although he doesn’t like eating vegetables or cleaning his room, he will always do it without complaint. Adorable and a master of the witty retort, Jason is the best brother John could ask for. 

Jason was scared and sad when John was first diagnosed with cancer. After two years in remission, John relapsed, and when he needed a stem cell transplant, Jason was his donor. John has since fully recovered, and this year the two are celebrating their first anniversary of the transplant. 

Jason’s family is proud of him for learning to deal with his worry and fear when his brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and the constant lengthy hospital admissions that followed. He thought very hard about what toys or books he could bring his brother to cheer him up and make him happy. 

During this time, it was helpful for Jason to spend time with his Grammy, spending days at the zoo. His dad also held special one-on-one bonding days that Jason looks forward to even now. Jason really enjoyed the SuperSib mailings as well, which served as a source of comfort while his brother was sick. 

“I am proud that I was able to help my brother survive cancer by being his transplant donor.” - Jason

Information provided by: 

Christine B., Jason’s grandmother