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Logan M., SuperSib

SuperSib Logan with his sister, MacKenzie

Logan is an active eighth grader who loves running. When he isn’t on the soccer field or training for track and cross country, he can be found playing the euphonium in both his school’s band and jazz band. Not only is Logan super smart and a super friend, he is also a super sibling to his older sister, MacKenzie. 

When Kenzie learned she had cancer, Logan made sure he was there for her however he could. He would stay by her side every time she was home, and always call while she was in the hospital. Kenzie had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma a week before Christmas in 2020. Logan waited to open presents together until she came home from her chemotherapy treatments. He never complained about his family having to miss his running or band events due to her treatment schedule. Logan has been extremely patient as his family went to doctor visits and hospital stays, where they would be away for days at a time. 

Logan’s family is proud and grateful of his understanding and willingness to help. Even after Kenzie finished treatment, Logan still gets her drinks and snacks since she is on crutches from surgery. He has been her biggest helper throughout her experience. 

“Cancer sucks and I wish Kenzie would not have had to go through so much pain. She cried a lot, and I hate that she went through it. I'm so glad that she is now cancer free!” - Logan

Information provided by: 

Dori M., Logan’s mother