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We know…Thanksgiving was last Thursday, but we can’t help to share the moving and inspirational messages of thanks from the hearts of our childhood cancer heroes. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) created a project via our Facebook fans asking our heroes and hero families to submit a photo of themselves or of their child stating what they are thankful for this year. Our heroes never disappoint – the response was overwhelming and the photos are heartwarming to say the least. A select few are below, to view the entire album, check out our
Daniel Cooper
7 years old
Daniel is thankful for the doctors to make him not have cancer anymore and that he lives in a home and has friends.

Matt Schechter
10/26/89 - 3/25/10
Matt's family: "Our family will be forever thankful for having had Matt in our lives"

Tony Salerno
8 years old
Tony is thankful for Alex's Lemonade Stand and video games.

Isabel Carles
9 years old
Isabel is thankful for being (almost) 5 years in remission.

Cole Fitzgerald
7 years old
Cole is thankful for his sisters

Justin Bissett
2/9/00 - 6/26/07
Justin's family: "Justin will always remain in our hearts. We are so thankful for all of the great years we had to spend with him."

Alex Podeszwa
Alex is thankful for LIFE.

Jacob Goeders AKA "The Leukemia Slayer"
10 years old
Jacob has renamed himself The Leukemia Slayer and he is thankful for: his friends and family, the great hospital he goes to and... ham & chutney, and lots of it!!!

Alexandra "Alex" Scott
1/18/96 - 8/1/04

Alex's family: "We are thankful that we have so many wonderful people helping kids with cancer and that Alex had this vision for changing the world for kids with cancer."

- Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation