Forget the Tricks: Treat Childhood Cancer this October!

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​Monsters are scary, but childhood cancer is scarier. Maximize your Halloween fun by sharing treats and raising awareness of the need for childhood cancer research. During the month of October, over 20,000 children (nearly 700 a day!) will be affected by an initial or recurrent diagnosis of childhood cancer. Together, we can change this scary fact and work together towards cures.

Here are five great ways to have some Halloween fun while supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.  This October, forget the tricks and let’s treat childhood cancer!

  1. Decorate! Forget pumpkins! This year make a crop of Jack-o-lanterns out of lemons. Grab a Sharpie and decorate a bowl of lemons with adorable (and spooky!) Jack-o-Lantern faces. Cover a grapevine wreath with fake lemons (decorated with fun faces) and some Halloween ribbon (or maybe some ALSF Lemon Laces).
  2. Dress Up! Need a great costume? Dress up like a giant lemon or grab some great accessories from our gift shop. Try on our signature bandana to add some ALSF flair to your pirate costume or grab a few pairs of our brand-new childhood cancer crazy socks to spice up your costume (whether you are a clown or an athlete or something else fabulous!).
  3. Celebrate! Add some lemon flair to your Halloween celebration. Switch out the apples and bob for lemons. Celebrate with a Scary Lemon Face contest. Kids and adults take turns placing sour lemon slices in their mouth and making their scariest, sour lemon face.
  4. Lemon-tastic Treats! Stock up on lemonade Mike & Ikes from the ALSF gift shop and hand out to trick or treaters with a one of our printables about ALSF.  Or grab a pack of our ALSF wristbands to pass out instead of candy.
  5. Host a Trick or Treat Lemonade Stand! On Halloween night transform your front yard into a lemonade stand. Decorate with lemon Jack-o-Lanterns, pass out lemon candy and serve lemonade! Announce your special Trick or Treat stand in advance of Halloween, so everyone remembers to bring their donation to your stand.

This October, let’s give childhood cancer the scare. Wishing you a fun, month of making lemons into lemonade (and Jack-o-Lanterns!).