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It’s Not Too Late: Host a Pop-Up Lemonade Stand

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It's not too late--you can put together a lemonade stand quickly with these great Pop Up Lemonade Stand Tips!

by Elisa Heisman, ALSF Communications Manager

The end of the school year is so busy and brings our household a lot of happy chaos. It’s hard to keep everything straight. Luckily, I have a great to-do list. 

  •     Sign son’s permission slip for his 7th-grade field trip (Done!)
  •     Attend daughter’s dance recital (Check!)
  •     Write check for final summer camp payment (Paid!)
  •     Set up a lemonade stand for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation 

OMG! That’s NOW! Good thing it is so easy to set up a lemonade stand! Hosting a stand is important to our family because it teaches our kids that even a small, neighborhood lemonade stand can make a difference and give back to those in need. Here’s how we make it happen:

    1.    We set up a long table in our front yard and tie some yellow balloons to the mailbox post. We also print out some of the great ALSF signage available on the website! 
    2.    The kids bake cookies and cupcakes the night before OR we grab some baked goods at the grocery store. 
    3.    The lemonade is made first thing in the morning and ready to serve.     
    4.    We tell our friends and neighbors and invite them over! 

I post my stand on my Facebook page and on our neighborhood Facebook group asking people to stop by and say hello. I send an email out to my friends and family a few days before our stand so that they know when to stop by. And voila: instant lemonade stand.

You can do it too! 

What are you waiting for? Register your lemonade stand today and don’t forget to check out the great printable signs, coloring pages and other materials available on our website! 

Elisa Heisman is the Communications Manager at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Lemonade has always been her favorite drink on a hot summer day and to bring together one of her faves with a great cause – is always a good thing.