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Alex’s Legacies: A Letter from Liz Scott, Alex’s Mom

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  • “It's simple, you see for this whole thing isn't about me. As long as kids are sick, I'll do what I can to help raise money through my lemonade stand.” - Alexandra “Alex” Scott (January 18, 1996 – August 1, 2004)
  • “Alex showed us that a life lived with gratitude allows you to overcome challenges – that you can truly make lemonade from lemons!” - Liz Scott, Alex’s Mom
  • “I could remember you as a lot of things: the lemonade girl, a childhood cancer victim, my close friend, my little sister. But none of them do you justice; you would not be you if they were not all true. More than anything else, I remember you for what you taught me. You, as a terminally ill child, were still appreciative of the blessings that you had. To me, that describes you better than any label, encapsulates your image better than any picture--it reminds me that even though you were never old in age, in some ways, you were old in wisdom. For the lessons that you taught me, I will always remember you and I will always be grateful.” - Patrick Scott, Alex’s Brother

I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I had the pleasure of hearing my daughter Alex’s voice, seeing her smile, and just sitting alongside her. A lot has happened since then!  

When I first lost Alex, I could not imagine my life without her. Of course my three sons kept me going and gave me a reason to smile and keep moving forward. But looking back on it, I realize that even in her absence, Alex also gave me a reason to smile and keep moving forward. She left work to be done to reach her dream of a cure for all children with cancer. She also left a lifetime of lessons about being positive and being grateful, which were my inspiration to live the best life I possibly could.  

I don’t think I appreciated the impact of her wisdom and the depth of her strength until long after she was gone. I definitely didn’t understand the impact that her life would have on others, and how her legacy would shape into something much bigger than Alex and our family.

Her accomplishment of raising $1 million has now grown to over $150 million raised to help kids with cancer. There have been hundreds of thousands of supporters who have carried on her work over the years – her idea to help kids with cancer one cup at a time has grown into a movement. I think Alex herself would be thrilled to see how it’s working and how kids are being cured because of what she created. I’ve had parents tell me that when they look at their children, who were cured, who get to celebrate milestone after milestone, they think of Alex and how her life is continuing through their child’s life. That is quite a legacy in and of itself.

I have come to realize that there is another part of her life that continues to impact people in a different way. I think of it as a second legacy: the inspiration she has provided to empower each of us to live a life of gratitude, to persist in the pursuit of our dreams, and to truly believe we can make a difference in the world. I hear from people all the time who were touched by Alex’s story in a way that drove them to do something to help someone else, or to start their own charity, or to make a change in their lives, or to have the confidence to face their own struggles head on, the list goes on and on. Alex showed us that a life lived with gratitude allows you to overcome challenges – that you can truly make lemonade from lemons!

Today, it is hard to not be sad thinking back to all the pain and hardship Alex endured; it is not something I will ever reconcile or get over. But, I cannot allow it to overshadow the good times and all the good that has come from her life. Her life was a gift that I cherish every day.

Thank you for being by our side and for making her legacy possible through your support and encouragement.

Until there’s a cure,
Liz Scott


Today we remember our extraordinary founder Alexandra “Alex” Scott (January 18, 1996 - August 1, 2004). Her incredible lemonade stand and legacy continues to live on today in many different ways - including our mission to help kids fight cancer by raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. From her first lemonade stand to raising more than $1 million for the fight against childhood cancer, her determination has inspired a national movement and empowered many to make a difference.

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