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Feel Good Friday: The Original Edition

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  • alex painting stand
    Alex painting her stand in 2004.
  • alex and mom, liz
    Liz and Alex at Alex's Original in 2004.
  • community at alex's "original"
    Since the beginning, the community always came out for Alex.
  • alex and father jay
    Alex with her Dad, Jay.
  • alex at stand
    No one knew that Alex's first stand would kick off a movement to cure childhood cancer.

By: Liz Scott, Alex's Mom

This weekend, we should have been holding our stand in Alex's memory in our neighborhood. 

For 20 years, this has been our annual family tradition. Of course, the first year, in 2000, we did not know it would be our annual tradition, or that her little front yard stand would become her legacy -- one that has raised more than $200 million to find a cure for other kids with cancer. 

There was so much we did not know then: like how many more years Alex would fight; that her treatment would take our family to Philadelphia where we would raise our kids; that her story would inspire people to join her movement, to start their own movements and to believe that one person can make a difference; that people would name their children after Alex. The list goes on and on; but nothing is more precious to me than knowing that her life has literally made other kids' lives possible, by helping to provide them with the cures that she never knew in her life. This is truly remarkable. 

So, although I am a little sad, I am focusing on thanking the people who have been so important to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation over the years, the people who host stands and visit stands all over the world and the amazing community that comes together for Alex’s “Original” Lemonade Stand in our town. These are the people who have made the miracles possible for kids with cancer. If you are reading this: those people are YOU! Thanks for caring about Alex and kids with cancer. 

Here are some memories from Alex’s “Original” from the past 20 years:

1.    Celebrating Childhood Cancer Heroes (2007)

2.    The Butterfly Release (2008)

3.    Packing Up for the Stand (2013)



4.    Alex’s Original Tradition: The Flash Mob Dance (2014)


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5.    Our Community is Incredible (2018)


I can never say thank you enough. Thank you for always making Alex’s Lemonade and for helping kids with cancer. 

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