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How to Go the Extra Mile for Kids with Cancer this September

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  • Rack up miles in September for kids with cancer
    You can rack up the miles this September and together, we can find cures for childhood cancer!
  • dogs can sign up for The Million Mile too
    Get your dog in on The Million Mile tracking fun!
  • lace up those sneakers
    Lace up those sneakers and get ready to track some miles.
  • The Million Mile logo
    You can join The Million Mile anytime in September and track your miles during the biggest childhood cancer awareness challenge!

By: Trish Adkins

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and around the now-virtual hallways of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), it is also time for The Million Mile. The Million Mile is a virtual fundraising and awareness campaign that lasts the whole month of September. Supporters everywhere join together to log the miles that they walk, run and cycle, while raising funds for childhood cancer research.

In these days when we spend so much time apart, joining a virtual fitness challenge is a great way to feel connected!

And now, more than ever, kids and families going through cancer treatment need our help. Families are now facing added economic strain and uncertainty in the midst of this pandemic, but kids’ treatment cannot stop. Your support means more children will be able to reach treatment safely and more researchers can continue their work toward cures.

Plus, we all need each other to reach a collective one million miles in just one month! If you haven’t registered for The Million Mile, yet, drop everything and sign up!  

If you have registered and set your mileage goal, here are five ways that you can reach your goal:

1. Plan how you will track your steps! 

Beginning on September 1, you can track your miles for The Million Mile! For now, get yourself prepped to track. Tracking your steps is easy and ALSF has several options for mileage tracking, including:

  • Automatically tracking miles by linking your FitBit, Strava or MapMyFitness accounts.
  • Manually tracking miles on your Million Mile fundraising page. 

You can ask friends and family to sponsor you per mile during September too — racking up the miles and the donations for childhood cancer research! 

2. Sign up your pets (and those without email addresses).

Make those dog walking miles count! You can sign up your dog to track miles as well. Simply log into your team page, select “Register a user without an email address,” and put your favorite pooch on the list. Just use the GPS tracker on your phone to track your dog walks and manually enter that mileague on the site. Bonus points if your pup dons an ALSF bandana. 

3. Grow your team.  

We are all looking for fun activities we can do safely during the pandemic. Ask your friends and family to join your team and together, at a distance, you can rack up the miles and cheer each other on. Post to social media, share what you are doing with your running or cycling groups, send personal emails and text messages to your fit friends and keep adding team members! Begin recruiting now and keep recruiting all September long. ALSF has some great downloads for social media available here. Whether supporters sign up on the first or the twenty-first, all the miles team members go in September count!

4. Train for that Half/Full Marathon. (And then run it!)

Fall races everywhere have been cancelled, but the Virtual Half/Full Marathon for The Million Mile has not! Register for the virtual marathon, then train all September long. On September 26, join other marathoners all around the world, as they go the distance. Learn more about this amazing virtual marathon here. 

5. Let our heroes and supporters inspire you.

We are inspired by each of you — supporters, friends of the Foundation and childhood cancer heroes who go the extra mile every single day. Need some inspiration to push your Million Mile team over the finish line? Read the inspirational stories from 20 years of ALSF, meet our childhood cancer heroes and spend some time with our rockstar SuperSibs. 

Together, we will all find cures for childhood cancer, one mile at a time.

register for the million mile today!