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How to Make Lemonade (National Lemonade Day Tips)

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By: Trish Adkins

Each year, National Lemonade Day is celebrated on August 20. Here at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), we find that our supporters are the experts at turning lemons into lemonade.

From making actual lemonade or lemonade flavored treats, to making “lemonade” during challenging times or making lemonade in the lab searching for cures for childhood cancer, ALSF supporters have lots of creative ideas for celebrating National Lemonade Day today and every day! 

Here are some creative ways to make lemonade, straight from the ALSF team of experts:

1.    Host a Front Yard Lemonade Stand
You can host a lemonade stand in your front yard any day of the year! We’ve got some great ideas on how to make your lemonade stand a safe, socially-distanced success or go virtual and host a stand online. No matter what you choose, your lemonade stand can help researchers “make lemonade” by supporting innovative, cutting-edge research. 

2.    Get Moving and Go The Million Miles
Use your lemonade love to fuel your participation in The Million Mile, the largest virtual Childhood Cancer Awareness event! Held each year in September, The Million Mile brings together families, friends, children, individuals and even dogs, who track the miles they walk, run or ride, while raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. The Million Mile is the perfect way to make lemonade of lock-downs and closed fitness facilities, because you can get your miles in anywhere!

3.    Make Actual Lemonade
You can’t celebrate National Lemonade Day without some actual lemonade! Check out a couple lemonade recipes from our celebrity supporters, follow along on ALSF's Facebook and Instagram on 8/20 or grab a copy of Alex’s Table, the official ALSF cookbook! You can also stock up on lemonade mix from Country Time or lemonade from Florida's Natural, two official partners of ALSF. 

4.    Turn Your Lemonade Into Frozen Family Fun 
Last year, the Stafford family, lost their 3-year-old daughter and sister Mikaila (fondly nicknamed Roo) to a rare brain cancer. The family—which includes seven siblings — pulled together and formed Roo’s Crew to fundraise for ALSF. This summer, the siblings made homemade lemon cream-sicles. The recipe: ½ cup whole milk + one lemon + one 14oz can of condensed milk. Mix together and freeze (just add some cute kids and smiles!) 

How do you make lemonade? Share your favorite lemonade recipes, tips and traditions with us on social media (@AlexsLemonade). Happy National Lemonade Day!